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The Anāmay Trust

Inspired by the teachings of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Anāmay Trust was established through a generous donation of land by the local community in the village of Kausānī, state of Uttarākhand, India. The mission of the Trust is to create a Vedic ashram and propagate the eternal Vedic dharma for the benefit of mankind.

The Anāmay Trust seeks financial support to build a school for 121 students who will receive the complete experience and teaching of Vedic sciences in the traditional manner. Presently the ashram accommodates 50 students and 10 teachers in two temporary structures while the new student dormitories are under construction.

The ashram as of now offers instruction in three of the four Vedas, as well as Upangas, Upavedas and Vedangas such as Āyurved, Vyākaran, and Jyotish. In addition to studying traditional courses and recitation of the Vedas, the students at the ashram practice yoga and the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi Programs daily.

Special emphasis is placed on inspiring in the students a deep understanding and appreciation of the value of the Vedic approach to eliminating problems and creating peaceful and prosperous nations. Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of Anāmay ashram will be able to uphold and teach the Vedic dharma and perform Vedic rites to bring support of natural law to their respective communities.

Jai Guru Dev